Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lego Poptropica Game To Play

3rd .. 2 .. 1 .. MINE!

Okay, let's say our ... : O)

Now it's official and confirmed by the notary public ... the land is ours and we are happy animal.
Another step towards home, and actually not even a major.

Then there are also some other things to report about our cottage. Unfortunately, we have the choice of the front door hit the bull's eye. Whether there are still more expensive doors, I do not know, but one thing is clear: "our" door is our home number too expensive! Too bad, because they would have fit in so well with our interior doors. (To which there is also something new to report, but that later)
We are then just by a few Development areas down and took a look at front doors ... and found that it is probably difficult to find a door that we may both suffer: o) BUT, nothing is impossible ... We keep looking! When? On Wednesday: o) because we have a sampling date, so to speak "live".
Then we will also look at the window with sprouts. Unfortunately, I (Nicole) an accurate idea of the rungs of our window ... in conversation with our construction manager, we could not match any catalogs, etc. , So that we see now "live" to make on Wednesday.
next sticking point: house paint. It is generally the case that we agree what it should not be: o) It is in the Direction beige-yellow go ... said is of course a very widely spread. For this reason we have in the new areas also looked at the same house colors ... one was too yellow, the next to orange, to pale the next and the next turn sharply. Yes, it's not that simple. Especially when we call sampling us the color of the house at about 4 x 10 cm should select color samples .... But this will not advance! How can one imagine that??
We will therefore look for the perfect example house and since then just ask what color are used to.

Now to our indoor doors: already in the model house in Park Fallingbostel we have We fell in love with a kind of door ... and it must exactly his. Even if no problem, because the type of door there at Speckmann but also at the timber trade of our confidence in Holzhausen ... why go so far as always, if it is directly outside the front door is a great advice and above all, an attractive price.
Thus, a "success" really does sometimes good, encourages one in the project "construction"

door to utility room, guest bathroom and kitchen
inner door glass for the living / dining room
Otherwise, we hope to get going now now with the earthworks, as in "our" road opens up quite a bit ... The third house was began to build and is already building for a fourth child on the property. Funnily enough, there is an identical house like ours, but from a developer. However, we are so far the only with a cellar ... Let's see if it stays that way.


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